Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Commentary on Salt Lake Tribune Article

I would like to comment an article titled "Are newspapers sinking?", by Paul Beebe, published in the Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/2009.

I honestly don't believe that Mr. Beebe or his editor's "get it". Whatever the Tribune wants to call Mr. Beebe's production -- an article, a commnentary piece, a feature -- it doesn't much matter; it was a signature example of lazy post millennium journalistm.

With the resources of a major daily Newspaper at his disposal, Mr. Beebe could have asked and answered important questions that would shed light on the future of the News industry.

What did a newspaper look like in 100 years ago in 1909?

How about in 1960? How did newspapers react to to television, and are they reacting the same way to the internet? How many reporters covered the White House in 1960? How many reporters cover the White H9ouse now?

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