Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blogs express anger/frustration at sparse tea party coverage.

by Sam Mela

Blogs around the country seem to consistently express awareness that the so-called "main stream media" is giving inadequate coverage to the "tea party" venue that has sprung up as a means to protest the current presidential administration's fiscal policies.

Activists have established a Tea Party Media Watch wiki to track media coverage.

The Blue Star Chronicles noted lack of coverage of a tea party in Atlanta --

According to the Blue Star Chronicles
An Atlanta Tea Party was held today, February 27, 2009. It was pouring rain today in Atlanta. There were thunder storms. Yet hundreds showed up at the State Capital for the Atlanta Tea Party. There were speeches and a lot of anger. Yet I have not seen a peep about this on the local news. Maybe I missed the coverage. Oh, there have been a few little sarcastic notes about it deeply embedded in the New York Times and some other newspapers. Most of which have either a dismissive tone or defend Obama’s strategy of spending tax payers money to stop wasteful spending. The British Telegraph did report on it however.
I’ve seen wall to wall coverage of every Code Pink event conducted by ten or so middle aged housewives with self esteem issues trying to find something that makes them feel their lives have some meaning. I’ve seen wall to wall coverage of a handful of people that get out and walk around with signs whenever Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton are not happy about something.
But nothing. Nothing on hundreds of regular Americans who have JOBS and pay taxes, getting out in pouring rain because they love this country and won’t stand by and do nothing while our rights are being taken away and we are turned into a communist state.
Other blogs weighed in as well . . .
Sound Politics, March 23, 2009
Some demonstrations fit our local TV stations' agendas, and others don't. As Orwell might say, some demonstrations are more equal than others. Even if showing them makes a TV station look foolish.
NewsBusters, March 23, 2009
No 'Tea Party' in NY Times, But Room for Leftist 'Bus Tour' of AIG Homes
Moonbattery, March 16, 2009
Google News currently lists a total of seven news reports nationwide on this rather large demonstration. The media's general resistance to covering the Tea Parties story is part of the story. As the movement builds, people will become aware of the phenomenon — and of how the media tried to cover it up, making the MSM all the more complicit in what's being done to our economy for the sake of advancing socialism.
DailySkiff, March 10, 2009
The only report I heard about the tea party was on a talk show Monday, March 2 on Talk Radio 570 KLIF. Then I found an article in the back of the Star-Telegram about it. I was surprised that, given the large turnout, it received such little attention.
NewsBusters, March 8, 2009
Coverage of "tea party" protests in various cities around the country (this March 4 Pajamas Media press release, HT to FreeRepublic, cited 22 locations on February 27 and seven this weekend) has been sparse to non-existent, especially at major establishment media outlets.

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