Friday, March 20, 2009

Major American Newspapers asked about Tea Party Coverage

From a 3/19/09 San Francisco Examiner article titled "Tea parties are flash crowds Obama should fear" by Mark Tapscott.
Thousands of Americans in dozens of cities large and small, coast to coast, have assembled recently to protest President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus spending, proposed budget deficits and tax hikes on small-business owners and other entrepreneurs.
But odds are that the vast majority of people who depend solely on the mainstream media’s print and broadcast giants for their news know little or nothing about the protests.
Why? Because the MSMers regularly miss significant political news when it is happening right in front of them, thanks to the ideological blinders that make so many otherwise intelligent people in those newsrooms think the only real news happens in Washington, D.C., or New York. (And occasionally in Boston or Los Angeles).
What's the real story. We called major American newspapers to ask them about their coverage of recent tea party rallies around the country.

Cleveland Plain Dealer



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Message left 21 March 2008.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

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