Sunday, April 26, 2009

Find the missing attorney generals

Funny article in the Washington Times -- "States prepare to combat stimulus strings".

What is so funny about this article?

Well, in the above article, as in many others, a singularly odd phrase keeps cropping up -- "send a message"; and now conservatives are supposedly happy that state legislatures are "sending a message" to Washington D.C. about the tenth amendment, by passing 10th Amendment Resolutions, but that is crazy.

If the Federal Government is in violation of the 10th amendment, should not the states' attorney generals take the Federal Government to court?

Starting with the Civil War, can anyone point to a single historical instance of state legislatures combatting federal incursions by passing resolutions. The anwer is no?

So what the heck is really going on?

If states were serious about asserting the 10th amendment, they'd put their attorney generals on the job, same as when they wanted to get their share of tobacco settlement money and sue microsoft for anti-trust violations.

This is obviously some kind of fence straddling ploy on the part of participating states; and in a large regard it is working, as nobody from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washinton Post, Salt Lake Tribune, or any other major regional daily paper seems to be questioning the irregular approach.

Once again, main stream journalist have abdicated their responsibility to bring these important issues to the attention of the public; instead, preferring to concentrate on off color tea bag sexual innuendos, and whatever else fill air time but requires no research or other journalistic effort..

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