Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bad Talk Radio Hosts

Once each millennium, on the 9th day of the second month of the 10th year, we like to pick some terrible talk radio hosts.

In no particular order, we chose Bob Lonsberry of KNRS "Family Values" radio in Utah, syndicated host Doug Stephan, and "syndicated" host Jim Sumpter.

Lonsberry and Sumpter are just freeloading off the karma of the conservative moment and Stephan is a grumpy old curmudgeon.

Stephan is a sort of a cyst on the ass of conservative talk radio. Take a look at his Web Site and see if you don't think it's the most cream-of-wheat irrelevant talk radio web site you've ever seen. Doug Stephan is basically filler for radio stations that don't want to pay for decent content early in the morning.

And what the %^$& is a "Doug Buck"?

What the %^$& is the "Doug Club"?

Dough Stephan is for retired middle aged ladies who spend their days drawing teddy bears on wal-mart sweat shirts and double checking their crock pots.

Sumpter, on the other hand, is a jackass and an embarrassment to the conservative moment. Visit his Web Site, and catch his web casts, see if you don't agree with me. If you listen long enough, you can probably catch his jealous rantings about anyone more successful than he is.

Finally Lonsberry is just an angry man, albeit in love with himself.

Why attack these guys? Simple. They're bad for talk radio and bad for the conservative moment. They're rude, arrogant, presumptuous, irrelevant bottom feeders who ought to be squished out of their profession to make room for real talent. But otherwise they're ok.

Check back at this location in another thousand years. We'll pick three more broadcast losers.

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