Sunday, December 28, 2008

Call for Articles

Topic: The Decline of American Newspapers

As you know, each year the newspaper industry hands out a lot of awards to itself; but with circulation and advertising revenue in free fall, isn't it time to start talking about what the newspaper industry is doing wrong?

Maybe they're not doing anything wrong. Maybe it's the internet, television, the decline of literacy. Maybe. But how can we know without information from the people who are stopping their subscriptions, walking past newsstands, cutting off their advertisments. You know . . . the secret ingredient of capitalism -- the market . . . the people with the money.

We're looking for articles!!!

We want writers who can explain what happened and what is happening?

Did you have a bad experience with a reporter or an editor? Were facts ignored or corrections unpublished? Send us your story.

Maybe you had a good experience. Maybe you think the government should step in with bailout money and save the paper news media. Tell us why.

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